Monday Motivation: Be patient

Simply put, we all could use a little more patience.

For me, as a child of God who has the Holy Spirit, I am expected to be patient. It is something that is a part of who I am.

It can still be hard to exercise it. We want results now, and all of this technology encourages this. What we need to do is learn to wait. Just sit down and wait.

I’m not saying stop living. Keep on living your life. But, when you’re in traffic, remain calm. There’s nothing you can do about the situation. So, instead, change your outlook. Be patient. Wait for it…wait for it…

When you’re waiting on God to answer your prayer…be patient. Hold on. Understand that His time is best.

It sure isn’t easy to wait for that little or big hand to reach the number we want, but we have to do it. It’s for our benefit.

See, if we lose patience, it can cause us to do things that may not be right. For instance, and this example is a little extreme, imagine you are waiting for enough money to purchase that perfect pair of jeans.

Oh, baby, they look so good! The paycheck coming up is your golden opportunity. Will you remain patient and wait for five more days? Crap, that party is coming up! “I gotta look good for that party!”.

A lack of patience in that scenario can draw you to steal those jeans. That’s right.

That’s just one example, but it’s a fair one. It’s for our own good that we take a seat and wait. The worst thing you can do screw yourself by doing something you’ll regret. Shoot, I know there have been times where I wished I just held on for another day or so. Another minute.

Look, another example. Being patient can be good for your mind. For instance, as a big Spider-Man fan, I spent time waiting for the recent movie to come out. I could’ve spent my time stressing and getting all worked up. But, instead, I focused on other things going on.

I don’t know about you, but I’d love some peace of mind.

So, be patient today and from now on.


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