DALANEL’s views have been in a free fall since January. My gathering of new followers has really slowed down.

That’s okay.

I like what I’m doing here. I feel like I have a rhythm or a system. I got a nice daily feature that goes nicely with the weekly features. Each of them providing something special and are in line with the blog’s goal to bring a positive spin on the world. I have not strayed and I will not stray from that ultimate mission.

And though the numbers may look like your toilet after too much Taco Bell, I’m perfectly fine and thankful for what I have going on here.

I just wanted to take the time to say thanks to the viewers and subscribers out there. The struggle has not made me consider shutting it all down. I’ve already said I’d blog even if I were the only one around. Shoot, there was a long time when I was doing that before DALANEL became big.

Most likely, I am done making a serious push for this blog. It is what it is and it’s been this way for years now. Clearly, people that follow me know what I’m about. Perhaps they are tired of it all.

Is there risk in sitting down? Is there risk to settling? Yeah, the performance could suffer. And by the performance, I mean mine. It’s possible and I won’t lie about that.

But hey, I am fine with flat lining where I am right now. I really don’t have any plans to shake things up. I’m out of ideas. Once you’ve done all you can, the only thing left is to say “it is what it is” and be done with it.

DALANEL isn’t going to change to get some cheap views. I refuse to change who I am for that. F that. Again, thanks to you that come here consistently.