I think you know where I’m going.

Life has knocked you down. Now you’re sitting there with a bloody nose and you’re missing a couple of teeth. You can barely see out of one eye and you’re pretty sure your arm naturally doesn’t bend that way.

What now?

Get up, and fight back.

You’ve been around too long to quit, right? RIGHT?

So wipe the blood off of your lip and try again. Fight back!

Only you can make sure you win. Only you can get up and make it happen. Get stubborn. Every challenge you face, go in there HARD, but SMART.

Right now, it seems like you’re all out of energy and will. That’s when it’s time to dig deeper. I know there are plenty of areas where I need to fight back. I’m nobody’s b*tch, straight up. I’m no longer going to be pushed around.

Yeah, don’t let life push you around any longer. Fight. The. Heck. Back.