Ranking the Weekly and Daily Features in DALANEL History

Recently, I presented you with a poll asking for your favorite DALANEL weekly feature. Monday Motivation? Wednesday Word? What about Good News Friday?

Well, now I’ve decided to spice things up a bit by offering my thoughts about my own work. I’ve had weekly and daily featured posts. Some of them were hits. Some were misses. Others I wanted to do, but never really got it off the ground. Here’s the full list in no particular order. Also note that temporary features like my play and my video series are up for rank:

  • Daily Good Stuff
  • Monday Motivation
  • Weekly News
  • Dante’s Opinion
  • Breaking Down the Book
  • The Face-Off (play)
  • Dante and Basketball
  • DALANEL Review
  • Daily Good News
  • Daily Word
  • Follower Friday
  • How Was Your Week?
  • Weekly Funnies
  • Wednesday Word

That’s 14 types of featured posts that I’ve gone through. Right now, there’s only four of them active.

I rank these by purpose, how fun they were to make, and other stuff. It’s my rank and my rules. I will say that views and likes will not count on the rank. I mean, views and likes will count on how I interpret the success but the literal views and likes will not determine where this stuff lands. These are based off of me and how I have responded to them. Let’s get started with the loser.

14. The Face-Off

This was a play that I wrote. I decided to share it on the blog as part of 2013’s big summer. The play was a flop in my opinion. I didn’t get any views. Also, I realized that it was actually a hassle trying to tag the stuff and label the stuff. It was a mess.

13. Weekly News

Good News Friday is technically a current incarnation of Weekly News. Weekly News, however, covered good news, weird/funny news, and satire. The problem with this feature was that I never really got it going and Daily Good Stuff eventually pushed it out of the lineup.

12. How Was Your Week?

This was one of the posts that I was very excited about during the original thought process. I mention this because that’s the only reason why this isn’t in 15th place (and there isn’t even a 15th place!). Once I got started, I realized that talking about what happened to me during my week was boring. I have no life. The idea was to stimulate conversation; but that also didn’t happen. It was just all messed up. I will say that this is a feature I am always considering bringing back.

11. Dante and Basketball

Darn. If there’s anything that came out of the one and only post for this feature is that it was really the start of my blog, Dante Ball.

10. Weekly Funnies

Posting funny stuff each week? That’s easy. The first ever weekly post to hit DALANEL, I spent my Sunday nights looking for funny stuff to post on that Monday. Sadly, it also shared the same fate as Weekly News once Daily Good News came around. But, my two original weekly posts really still breathe in my current posts.

9. Follower Friday

I was on fire about this post. I think my time spent on the Good Friday event at my church killed it. During that time, my entire network slacked off. I might bring this baby back though. I loved the concept of going around looking at the awesome work my followers produce. Definitely something that could make a comeback, though it might be on Dante’s Blog Network so that it can cover all of my followers on each of my blogs.

8. DALANEL Review

This was another post that, while at the start seemed like a great idea, eventually fizzled out. I couldn’t figure out what to review. Even so, the posts that I did write for it were fun, so it gets a decent spot in the rank.

7. Daily Word

I don’t intend on ending this feature in the near future. It’s a quick hit for the blog. In my opinion though, I feel like it’s not something I enjoy doing…yet.

6. Daily Good News

Daily Good News took over for the hit feature Daily Good Stuff as I attempted to re-tool the blog for a more positive/inspirational feel. It had a good run though my struggle to find news on a daily basis, combined with the face that the stories started to get stale on me (one of my biggest fears), led to its demise. It could make a comeback.

5. Breaking Down the Book

I had a blast with this summer feature. Combined with the play, this video series carried me during the summer of 2013. And my will power was tested as just about all of the videos were recorded the week they were scheduled to be up. I couldn’t afford to slack around. Did it help sell books? Hahahahah.

4. Monday Motivation

This was a feature I was scared of launching because I didn’t know how long I could keep up a motivational tone before things got stale. So far, it’s been working out and it’s done fairly well for the blog. But what really puts this feature high up here is that it has impacted me. I test my motivations by waiting a couple of weeks after I write it and then I read it again. I’ll tell ya, I surprised myself with some of my own words and felt a little energized. Could be ego, but I tend to be down on myself VERY often, so I doubt it.

The posts so far have been fairly easy to rank. The top three was hard. But, I think I got it.

3. Daily Good Stuff

Daily Good Stuff was the flagship feature of this blog from March 2013 until around November 2013. During this time, my blog got at least one new follower every week while consistently helping to break viewing records on a monthly basis. In its prime, you could expect a quote, scripture, funny image, funny video, and the latest positive, funny, and satirical news. Those simple features have really help put the blog on the map. I had to stop because I was transforming the content that was coming from the blog and some of the things didn’t belong. Most likely, this feature will never come back but it is by far the number one view catcher in blog history. Good job, good stuff.

2. Dante’s Opinion

This blog started in February 2011. It wasn’t until August 2012 that it was named DALANEL. Before then, the blog was named Dante’s Opinion. And, all I talked about was my opinion on social stuff and the latest news. In 2013, I decided to go back to my blog roots with a weekly post with the same idea: Offer an opinion. I gotta say, Dante’s Opinion did a fantastic job. But, as the same with a few other featured posts like Daily Good Stuff, my transformation of content on DALANEL led to this post’s demise on the site. I just announced that it would return on Dante’s Blog Network though so if you were a fan of this post, follow DBN and tune in on Thursdays.

1. Wednesday Word

Wednesday Word was a post that I should’ve done a LONG time ago, but never really did it. Part of it could’ve been that, in the past, DALANEL wasn’t really religious themed. It still isn’t today, though it plays big role in the blog’s overall mission. Wednesday Word, since I started it, has been a top liked feature, although the likes have slowed down. I’ve even had some balls and did my own video for one week. I’ve really embraced this featured post and I can only wonder if I’ll expand on it later. Daily feature? Who knows?

So, that’s how I would rank my featured posts. This, of course, excludes other posts I’ve done. In all, as I write this, there are 920 posts on DALANEL, and these featured posts don’t pass the halfway mark of that. I don’t think.

I don’t think there’s a new post coming for a long time. I like my motivation, word, and news. It’s a good lineup that really emphasizes the goal of this blog.

So, do you have a featured post that brings you back? Is there a featured post you’d like to see comeback (You never know; I may be working on it already!)? Hit the comments!



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