Wednesday Word: Trust God

Well, it can be very hard to trust God at times and that’s because we seem to be creatures that love control. We want to feel like we’re in control. Perhaps that’s the way we were made but we like to feel like we’re in control of many decisions we make and the events in our lives. Our destiny.

That’s the big reason why it’s hard to trust God. It’s not that we don’t think He knows what He’s doing; it’s just that we don’t understand it. And, as the verse says, we can’t lean on what we can grasp. We can only trust God and let Him handle it. That Jericho example was a really good one. God will ask us to do things that really don’t make sense. But, like my boy Fred Hammond says: He’s God and that’s just the way it is.

Once we trust God more often, we’ll have more peace, especially when God comes through; and He ALWAYS comes through even if we don’t like the result.

Remember this too: God wants your trust. He’s not going to force His will and way on you. When you’re in a situation and you don’t know what else to do, God is waiting for you to turn it over to Him. Give it to Him and He will take it and you will be great.

So, trust God today.



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