New Feature: Tuesday Testimony

I’ve been putting this off for a long time because I was looking for content that would be enough to justify doing this.

I wanted to see an active site with fresh testimonies. Then, I decided the old testimonies are still good.

In matching the theme of the blog, I think sharing testimonies of the good things going on by every day people is a good step. Our outlook can become better just by seeing others have positive experiences.

As I said, finding material is a great concern for me. I have found a couple of testimony sites so I should have enough for a couple of months and during that time I’ll see if I can find more.

The thing about testimonies is that they tend to be timeless. You can hear a story now and someone else could hear it 50 years later and yet the power of it doesn’t change.

So, it’s about time I got this thing started. And, the page “Share Your Story” will be updated to include your chance to share your testimony as well as other positive stories that can be used as Good News Friday posts.



Now I want to hear from you

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