Tuesday Testimony: A poem of God’s saving grace

My story sounds crazy, but it’s not a lie,
Not a song or a dance, or an alibi,
In that dark valley I cried and cried,
But praise be to God – He lifted me high!

Surrounded by men with malicious thoughts,
Needing to escape without being caught,
I opened the door, jumped out of the car.
Rolled into a ditch, but didn’t get very far.

Three men ran towards me, shoes striking the ground,
Pop! pop! pop! pop! snapped each incoming round.
Guns pointed towards me, bullets whizzed by,
I expected to be hit. I expected to die.

Out of desperation I got up on my feet,
Without any help I would die in that street.
I ran towards a house with a white picket fence,
Maybe someone inside would be my defense.
I banged on the door, but no one was home.
The house silent and empty – I stood there alone.
Then out of nowhere a hand came down,
It lifted me up and spun me around,
And delivered me onto His Holy Ground.

I’d spent so many years always running away
Consumed with feeding my flesh what it craved.
I neglected my children. I starved my soul.
Did I deserve to be saved, or even made whole?
Yet none of that mattered, for the street fight was won
Not by me or some man — but by God’s Holy One.

He reached down from Heaven and grabbed my hand,
Granting me secure entry into His Promised Land.
My kidnappers gone, I had been set free
I proclaim His goodness – life’s not about me.

Gone are the drugs, the parties and the waste
Living in the Fast Lane of hurry and haste.
I now praise the Lord from dawn to dusk,
For He is worthy of all my trust.

My kids had to suffer the drama and pain
Of a wayward mom who’s only gain
Was to fill the God-shaped hole of her life
With stuff that never satisfied and only brought strife.

To my family and friends I am sorry for the way,
I added stress, conflict and pain to your days.
The prayer of my heart is that I will now be,
A blessing to you and that you’ll be set free
Of the chains that bind, like God did for me.

This testimony was from this link here.


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