Goodbye DALANEL; Hello Dante Writes

WP_20140525_007If you’ve paid attention, I tend to end my posts with a signature of “-DALANEL”. It’s an acronym of my name so it’s a perfect signature.

However, that’s going to change. I’m going to be Dante Writes. I guess it’s a pen name. The first time I used it was on Twitter, and it’s expanded to most of my social media accounts. I have a dedicated email account for my writing life. I actually changed the author of my book to Dante Writes. My email signature is Dante Writes.

I mean, today’s my birthday and I’m feeling sentimental and crap. The name of the blog is still DALANEL so that doesn’t change. But, my name has now changed.

There aren’t many other changes coming along. I’m still hoping to add a weekly feature for Thursday though. If you’ve followed me on Vine and/or Twitter, you heard I have a new project. I wonder what it could be. Stay tuned!

-Dante Writes


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