Monday Motivation: Listen to Criticism

Don’t get this mixed up with the Wednesday Word that I did on this topic, just in case you’re paying attention.

There are two main forms of criticism. One is constructive, and the other in not. Duh.

I want to talk about receiving it.

None of us are perfect. One of the things we struggle with is being told that we are not perfect though. “I already know I’m not perfect. Don’t remind me”.

I’m the type of guy that struggles to sugar coat things. If you were to ask me for constructive criticism, I will give it to you and a blatant way. Problem is, people want to hear what they want to hear. If it’s not what they want to hear, then you suddenly become a dick for saying it.

I’m pretty sure we each have at least one person who we turn to for the hard truth. I’m that guy in my circles.

The point of this post is to listen to what people say to you. Take note. Some of it will be harsh, but true. Others may be completely off base, but we’ll ignore those.

Be honest with yourself in your evaluations. If someone tells you that you need to improve in an area, think about it. Consider it. Don’t be so high on yourself that you can’t be bothered with people that, in all honesty, are trying to help.

People that will tell you like it is tend to be people that care for you. They don’t want to lie to you, so they’re just open and straight to the point. Get people like that around you. For me, I’m my own worst critic, and I’ve rarely heard anything that has made me feel less than I am. For others, it’s different. One bit of criticism and it’s “I’m no good anymore”.

Don’t think like that. Never think like that. Listen to it, but this doesn’t mean that you take it as fact or that you should follow through with it.

From every experience you have, there’s a chance to grow, and I think that’s my point.

-Dante Writes


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