Ranking the DALANEL posts I didn’t write

I know you probably forgot, but technically…there is a team of bloggers here at DALANEL. I guess the running gag will be they are there but not really.

In any case, they did write some stuff and, against my better judgment, I’m going to rank their work by how much I enjoyed it.

Dallas T, Nia, and Daniel are part of the team. Out of the three of them, they combined for a whopping six posts. Great job.

But, enough sarcasm, let’s just get into this.

6. Finally!

Dallas T “finally” posted something on the blog after I made a few pushes for action. It was more of an intro than anything. And…uh…that’s about it. It was around Valentine’s Day so she was feeling the love.

5. Allow me to introduce myself as a new member of Team DALANEL

Well, Danny made an entrance and left just as quickly. Little bastard. Of course, he’s been instrumental behind the scenes for me, so he’s still active; just not blogging much.

4. Weekly Funnies 29: Funny Animals

Daniel makes some noise with his first post on the now extinct weekly funnies. By this time, Weekly Funnies was dying and lacking in anything special. Even a fresh mind like Daniel couldn’t save it.

3. Daniel’s Opinion: Do You Think the Male Sex Drive Will Slow Down?

Once again, it’s Danny. This time, he gave his opinion on that question you see there as well as if robots would take over the world. The answers weren’t really special in terms of thought provoking. But, his humor and wit in the answers bumps the ranking. He reminds me of someone.

2. Dallas’ Opinion: Friendship problems!! Help!!?

One of the things I love about Dallas is how similar we are in our thinking. I swear I would’ve said the same exact thing she said in response to the question at hand. These days, I wish our relationship was stronger than it is, because she’s sort of a female Dante. Ha! I also wish she did a little more blogging; she could really connect with people.

1. Newbie

I’ve known Nia for a short time; just a few years. However, spending a lot of time together on the lighting crew and at foodbank, I’ve gotten to know her personally. If there’s one thing about this kid, she’s a few years beyond her physical age. Her maturity and how she carries herself is impressive, even though she has plenty of moments that typical 12 (11 at the time of the post) year olds have. I also knew she wants to be a journalist when she grows up. Not just a journalist, but the best.

Her post however blew me away. If I had her blogging ability when I was her age, along with the passion that I have, I’d be much better at this game. Her story is short but, coming from this girl, the message she had and the delivery of it all ultimately put this post in a special place in my heart.

So that’s it. Before we go, why don’t we rank the views per author? I’m first place of course because I’m the man.

  1. Dallas
  2. Daniel
  3. Nia

Huh. All things considered, looking at the numbers, if Nia posted another post with similar impact as her first, she’d blow the rest away. However, posts like Dallas’ are timeless. Danny is a different story.

What about you? Of the posts you read from them, which one was your favorite? Also, do you want more? It’s easy for me to ask them; but if the readers say they want more, it probably would attract them more to come back.

Let me know, kids.

-Dante Writes



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