Tuesday Testimony: A tale of healing

I am so blessed. Our great God has been so wonderful to me and I exalt him and bless his name in the name of Jesus Christ, our living, risen Lord and saviour for his great and awesome mercy towards me. For the past three months I had struggled with pain, stiffness and swelling in my knee.

Climbing stairs or even standing or sitting for 30 minutes or more became so torturous I could barely think straight. Aerobics was out of the question. Even my friends and collegues reasoned that ageing maybe the cause and nothing short of surgery could help – which I was determined to avoid.

A few trips to the doctor, x-rays and some anti-inflamatory drugs yielded no relief. I was then told by the doctor that nothing further could be done. As I left the doctor’s office with neither a diagnosis nor relief, I realised that I had been seeking medical attention in all the wrong places. It was then I decided that I ought to have sought the divine healing of the Lord first.

So after some prayer and annointing at church one Sabbath, I decided to quit the drugs and put all my faith in God and with miraculous results. Weeks later in a dream I was told of herbs I should eat -which I did- and within a week, all pain and stiffness was gone and the swelling greatly reduced! Hallelujah! Glory to God in the Highest! There is no want to those who serve him! And so I just want to give all praise to my great physician for coming to my rescue and redeeming me from a lifetime of suffering.

I bless the Lord with all my soul, who forgives all our iniquities; heals all our diseases; redeems our lives from destruction, and crowns us with loving kindness and tender mercies, in the name of Jesus Christ his son, through whom all things are possible. Our Great Jehovah Rophe is excellent in all the earth! Amen!

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