Wednesday Word: Jesus and the Antichrist

This is one of those posts where I probably won’t do much talking.

I will say something about testing the spirits. As the Bible says, you can run into liars. These people tell you something that ultimately doesn’t line up with the word of God.

It’s perfectly fine to seek the truth. If we walk blindly into stuff, it becomes foolish.

Let’s use an example. God has said that you are set on watching a movie. The movie is yours for the watching. You arrive at the theater, and are waiting in line. Something tells you to skip the line and try to sneak in. This voice tells you that God did say that you are supposed to watch this movie, so it doesn’t matter how you get in.

That goes against what God said in terms of lying and stealing. Yes, it’s true that you destined to see this movie, but things still have to follow a godly order.

The devil does a good job of talking to us about things that seem to make sense. You could say “half truths”. And, because there is some truth to his statements, we take the whole thing. Other times, the devil tells us only one side of the story, the good side.

So, get into the word of God. More importantly, get into God Himself. Learn His ways and master hearing His voice. Get educated. It takes time but you can do it. We need to.

-Dante Writes


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