Good News Friday: Cop saves man’s life after pulling him over

A police officer pulled over an 86 year old man for speeding. First of all, I guess the old man still has a heavy foot. Anyway, shortly after this, the man has a heart attack.

Police say Officer Michael Harrington quickly transitioned from writing out a warning for the speeding infraction to administering CPR. A second officer then arrived with a defibrillator.

Now, this story has a nice ending as the man made it to the hospital and such. The officer then goes on to say that “there’s no such thing as a routine stop” as if to say this happened for a reason. And, I love that storyline.

BUT…can I be real for a second?

I can’t help but find some humor in this. What if the old man faked it to get out of the ticket? According to our quote, the ticket wasn’t quite written. I’m just saying.

But then, I thought “I don’t think he’d fake it”. So then, I was like: What if the man had a heart attack over stressing about being pulled over? Hey, the man is in his 80’s. Any excitement could send him off.

But, ultimately, this was a nice story and I happen to agree with the original storyline.


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