Monday Motivation: Remember the good in this world

Let’s calm down for a second.

Yes, there are wars.

Yes, the economy could be better.

Yes, there are plenty of scandals.

There are so many reasons to get all worked up and tense.

Lighten up. Maybe this can only speak to people that happen to know that God is in control and there’s nothing to worry about. Let’s relax. Let’s visit blogs like this one to see the other sides of things.

Take time to appreciate the good things going on. Celebrate the heroes. Why is it that the killers make it to front page and the good guys are buried? I happen to know the answer but I don’t want to distract from this post’s goal. I don’t like that and this blog is not going to give that life.

It’s a shame that it takes work to find a feel good story or a testimony.

Don’t forget about the good in the world. Please don’t. Don’t let the bad things cloud your outlook.

-Dante Writes


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