Wednesday Word: Jesus won’t give up on you

That’s pretty interesting that Jesus will always look for the lost. In the video, Kevin used the lost sheep parable. We could also use the Prodigal Son as well in terms of when we decide to come back, Jesus is just as happy and always welcoming with open arms.

When Abraham was trying to get to his nephew in a doomed city, he went back and forth with God asking if there were even just one person living for God in the city, would it be destroyed. God said no.

It’s all about the one person. These stories and more show that God cares about each and every single one of us. And, in the event that we are lost, He will come looking for us. He gets sick with concern for us. “I’m just one person” So? He’s made you with a purpose. Before you were a physical thought, God made a plan for you.

Jesus won’t give up on you during your down times so you shouldn’t give up on yourself.

-Dante Writes


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