Good News Friday: Firefighters donate crib

Who said firefighters only fight fires? They can do other things too, like giving a crib to a mother in need.

See, firefighters were responding to a distress call about a baby struggling to breathe. Turned out, the call wasn’t very serious. However, the firefighters saw that this baby didn’t have a crib. So, after talking to the mom about it, they…

“I asked her if she had a crib; she said no,” said Costa, “and I asked her if she would like one, and she was very positive and said that she would really enjoy it cause she had no other means to get another crib.”

“So, at that point it was 3 o’clock in the morning. We cleared that call and came back to the station,” said O’Shields, “got a crib, went back to the house, put it together, my partner put it together.”

That’s great. Turns out, this is something that happens.

“And if we find a baby who’s sleeping with their parents, and a mom is unable to find a crib, get a crib, borrow a crib, we’re able, through a partnership with the Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies of Broward County and Cribs for Kids, to get them a crib,” said Carroll.

Awesome stuff. The entire story is neat.


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