Thoughts on Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation has been pretty good. I enjoy writing out the messages. You notice they are typically short and straight to the point. That’s just how I am.

Recent weeks it’s become a challenge to think of areas of motivation. Sometimes I’ll look at quotes on motivation and use those to inspire a post.

What’s funny is that I don’t look back on my posts (that goes for just about everything I’ve written though) so it would seem that I don’t motivate myself, or at least give it a chance.

Monday Motivation is for me too at the same time. As I’m writing it, that’s when it touches me. I think it fits the DALANEL mold so it’s here to stay. This is one featured post that a member of team DALANEL could add to so my mind can rest.

On a performance scale, Monday Motivation does okay out of the four current featured posts. Is it my favorite? I can’t say. What I love about this post though is that, out of the featured posts here, this is the most original. The other three stuff rely on outside sources. My motivations come from the heart.

Future plans of this post are to keep it going. I don’t think it needs a change. I don’t think it needs a shakeup. Maybe one day I’ll do a video motivation but I don’t plan on using outside sources as the primary motivation (ah-hah!) of my posts.

So, do you enjoy the motivations? Has one really got you moving and grooving? Let me know.

-Dante Writes


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