Kind. Respectful. Honest.

Over this summer, I’ve created a handbook to guide the crew members I have for the lighting crew at my church. Those three words are the pledge. No, I don’t require them to raise a hand or say “I pledge to…”

But, as with any pledge, it’s a promise. This promise is for the members of the crew to be kind, honest, and respectful to each other. At all times. All three get equal value.

So, I want you to follow my crew’s example. Decide today to treat people in accordance to the pledge. Be kind to people. Be respectful. Be honest. The trick is to be able to be all three at the same time. Find that balance.

That’s what I and my crew are working on. My crew is filled with teens. Teens can be immature at times but I love my crew members and they have great intentions.

Will you follow my crew’s pledge?

-Dante Writes