Here’s a challenge to you for this week: Spread the good news. Talk about the hero. Talk about a personal story. Find some kind of story that showcases the positive that’s going on in this world.

Need help?

Visit common sites like Huff Post, ABC, and the like. You should be able to find (though sadly it’s not very easy) the good news or positive news section.

A better place however is Good News Network. This site is all about the good news.

Of course, while I sometimes use those sites to help me find a story, I mostly just do random search terms on Bing (I use BING; so what?) and find my own stories.

But yeah, take a day out of your posting schedule to do this. Let’s leave the drama alone for a minute. Even if not on your site; share a link to your followers on social media. Do something to spread the good that’s going on.

Me? Oh, well that’s what Good News Friday is for. See ya then!