Tuesday Testimony: Free!

I’m so glad Jesus found me and changed me.  He turned my life around and me made me whole; im a witness Jesus Christ is real and I love him so much because he first love me.  I thank him everyday for my life because he gave me a brand new life.  I was lost, I hated my life, I was suicidal, I hated myself and I had no control.

I was an alcoholic ever since I was 7 or 8 years old.  I was abused.  I was a reject; my own mother disowned me and wished me dead.  I didn’t know love at all.  I was sexually and physically abused by different people because no one cared for me and no really cared if I lived or died.

One day someone told me that Jesus Christ loved me and died for me and bought me and I said how can he love a person like me I’m a sinner and deserve to die and go to hell but I’m glad I gave him my whole life and taught me how to love and forgive.  He also healed me and gave me a right mind and just love singing for him.

Link to testimony.


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