Wednesday Word: Through Jesus

Sometimes, when I listen to a short sermon, I feel like there’s not too much of an impact. But, there are some videos that I hear that just blow me away.

This was one of them.

It’s a simple message, yet it’s something we can have trouble with.

The gist of this, in case you didn’t get it, was that through Jesus, we are saved. That’s clear.

But, sometimes we don’t understand why that is, and that’s the point of this video. The biggest part was how he explained that we as Christians tend to think that by what we do or don’t do is what determines how God deals with us. Instead, God deals with Jesus.

And, because we are with Jesus, and in Him are of His likeness, God loves us.

It goes back to a point I made in an earlier post I had about how the Holy Spirit in us is what God looks for. God can only be with Himself. We are made in God’s image, but in a spiritual way. Adam and Eve dropped the ball and we died. Jesus came back and gave us life.

When we accept Him, we accept His spirit. The Holy Spirit is God. So, with God in us, we become like God. We exhibit the fruits and gifts of this spirit.

Like I said, God looks for His own because He is simply too perfect for anything less. Since we have God in us, it’s easy for God to say “come on in”. That’s the whole point of Jesus. Jesus came to fix the wrong of Adam and Eve. They were saved. They lost it. Jesus got it back for us.

So, again, it is through Jesus that we have eternal life. We need to understand this. It’s like the law of association. When we associate ourselves with Jesus, we put our stake on Him. We essentially are saying that “whatever Jesus is doing, we’re doing or endorse this”. Jesus treats us the same way. Consider this hypothetical scenario:

Jesus: I love these people.

God: Well, I trust you, Son. If you love them; I’ll love them just the same.

That’s about it. That’s why there’s grace and mercy. Jesus stood up for us. Don’t get it twisted; it’s not like God needed convincing to save us. It’s just the principle. Besides, Jesus and God are the same so who cares who did what? I’m not gonna dive into the trinity. Chill.

So, let’s not worry about our performance. I mean, yeah we need to follow God’s commandments and stuff. But, ultimately, our destiny lies in Jesus.

Now, in the NOT GOING TO HAPPEN scenario that Jesus and God have a falling out, then we’re screwed. Again, we’re hinging on Jesus. If Jesus is no longer the apple of God’s eye, you know we don’t have a chance.

Get it? Luckily for us, Jesus is God, so we’re fine.

-Dante Writes


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