New Featured Post: Thoughtful Thursday

Hey guys.

So, I had been saying for what has been months that I was thinking about doing a featured post for Thursday. But, what would it be?

After some serious consideration, I came down to two options: Thoughtful Thursday and Thankful Thursday. The biggest issue was that I needed to make sure there was content. I always try to make sure there’s enough content that I can use immediately but also, can this survive months and months and still have original content.

Problem is, I couldn’t figure out what type of content to put in this post.

Thankful Thursday would’ve been something with maybe thankful/gratitude quotes and maybe stories or something. I don’t know. It looked like it was going to be a very specific Monday Motivation because the ultimate idea was to encourage or motivate people to be more thankful and grateful in life. That’s still important, but I felt that and Monday Motivation were calling on the same thing.

Thoughtful Thursday is going to essentially be a continuation of my old featured post “Daily Word”. As you may remember, Daily Word was when I posted a quote and scripture verse. Thoughtful Thursday will include a few quotes aimed to make us think.

Of course, I’m not the first to do this, so in no way am I claiming this is a DALANEL original. Also, I may or may not add my own thoughts to the quotes/posts.

Anyway, Thoughtful Thursday will fill out the week. I have an odd obsession with having the day of the week in the title of the feature. Next up is Saturday. I don’t know if that’ll happen, but if it does, of course it’ll follow in line with the blog’s ultimate goal.


Bringing a positive spin to the world.

I think Thoughtful Thursday stays true to that.

This is gonna be so corny: Let me know what you think about Thoughtful Thursday? Should I have gone with Thankful Thursday?

-Dante Writes


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