Wednesday Word: Living by Faith

Are you new here? Wednesday Word is where I post a short sermon and then give my commentary.

Okay, so living by faith.

She started off with an excellent point. By faith, we become Christians. We look at this story of a virgin giving birth to a baby that would save the world. We didn’t see this. Yet, we believe it.

So, why do we stop believing? After saying yes to Jesus, we tend to go on our own. Essentially the entire relationship with God and Jesus is built on faith. The concept of heaven is built on faith. There are people who have died, claimed they’ve seen heaven, and then are back on earth. But, for the most part, none of us have seen anything and we can only go by faith.

Such a difficult thing because our physical form tells us that if our five senses can’t embrace something…confirm…register…then it can’t be real. We use science. But, faith doesn’t give a hoot about science. Miracles don’t care about the laws of nature. Miracles laugh at those laws. Good for them. Good for us.

So, live by faith today. It won’t always be easy; but it’s worth it. God won’t let you down. Even when it seems like God dropped the ball, His ways and understanding are better and higher than ours.

-Dante Writes


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