Good News Friday: Company freely heating homes for winter

Don’t you love it when companies show their human side? Here’s how it goes down:

People are nominated for a new furnace before being selected by furnace maker Lennox Industries. From there, Lennox recommends a home in need to its local dealers, who ultimately choose the most deserving household.

“Most deserving”? Well, alright. But still, this has been a very productive plan and people are very thankful. One person the article focuses on:

Saturday Arlene House, of Tomah, was upgraded from her 1980s, oil-burning-style furnace to a new one. And she didn’t have to pay a dime. “I never expected it,” House said. House says when she received the call telling her she was getting a new furnace, for free, she was shaking like a leaf.

“I’m overwhelmed with it all. I can’t believe it’s really happening,” House said. House was nominated for the Heat U.P. Wisconsin program by longtime friend Connie Hurd.

“Arlene has just been a dear friend for a number of years, 20-some years, and I work for Don’s Plumbing and Heating, so when we came to do service on her furnace, being a fuel-oil furnace old parts weren’t available and I just thought she would be a very good candidate for the Heat U.P. Wisconsin program,” Hurd said.

Ain’t that sweet? I hope more companies do this, and do this a little more often. I keep hearing that this winter is supposed to be more harsh than recent years.

-Dante Writes


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