I’ve been blogging for just several years now. I wanted to share some thoughts on what I would do if I wanted to start a new blog.

When I first started DALANEL, it was called Dante’s Opinion, as some of you already know. This wasn’t my first blog I started, but, this is the most successful.

You have probably run into articles telling you how to start a blog. This post is not like those. This is not me telling you what it takes. This is more of me telling you what I did.

Get the idea.

Of course, the number one thing I did was to get an idea. What was I going to blog about?

Can the idea be sustainable?

Many ideas came my way. But, the thing I had to ask myself was, could it be sustained. Can this be something that can last for days, weeks, months, and years? If not, back to square one. If so…

How can I make it unique?

Personally, I think this is where the potential blogger pool starts to dry up. You have an idea; and it’s something that you can really make a blog build on. Thing is, others may be doing the same or similar thing. For me, I didn’t find too many people doing what I do here at DALANEL. But, even then, I wanted to make sure my blog had a signature. At first, it was Daily Good Stuff. Then, it was Daily Good News. I guess Monday Motivation might be it currently. The point was, for me, to bring something that no one else could or had.

What is the content going to be like?

Some people post daily. Others post weekdays. Others may do once a week. Whatever the posting schedule, it should be relatively consistent. For me, I started off with a couple of weekly features in Weekly Funnies and Weekly News. The desire to have something posted everyday led to DGS. Now, I have a special post every day, save weekends. But, I had to determine what type of content would push my initial idea. It had to match the theme of the blog.

What will the blog look like?

So, I determined the content. But, the blog can’t be some bland looking space. Luckily for me, WordPress has some awesome themes to use. One of the things I like to do for my featured posts is to get an image reflecting that. A lot of people do this. How many widgets and what will those widgets be? Too many can create a cluttered look but, widgets are meant to give extra info without it being a click-a-thon for people to find it.

Build content.

Before launching a blog to friends and family and the world, one of the things that should be done is to build a bunch of posts and schedule them to launch whenever. I didn’t do this with DALANEL; I did this with another blog of mine. What I did was, I set up a series of posts that would post at times I wanted. This was because I wanted the blog to start off consistently with content. It’s one thing to have someone stop by and see just one post. But then, they’ll wait for another post. Eventually, with nothing new to read, it fades from memory. But, by telling people your posting plan based on the 4th step I made, they know when it’ll come. Plus, if you stumble into a writer’s block, you still have some in the bank so you can pull yourself together and still not miss a beat.

Go social.

Social media works if you’re connected to people, or have followers. I personally use Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Path, Vine, and Socl. Of course, my blog posts only appear on the first six I listed consistently. This all helps spread my exposure.

That’s about it.

Again, I was talking about starting a blog. Now, maintaining and growing it is something else. Maybe I’ll talk about that some day. But, yeah, just some random thoughts.

-Dante Writes