Yet another chapter from my book. This chapter starts off with a skit.

End of the World

News Reporter: …with a tornado and hurricane in the same week, total costs of damages would probably be in the millions, perhaps even billions…

Hazel turns the TV off.

Lucille: Girl, this weather has been crazy!

Hazel: (nods in agreement) Yup. I guess it’s Global Warming stuff.

Lucille: Eh…I’m not too sure about that. It could be-

Hazel: (holds up a hand) Don’t say it.

Lucille: God could be speaking! It might be the end soon. You better get right with God before it’s too late.

Let’s talk ‘bout it: Well folks I have to be careful here. Let me first start off by saying not everybody who reads this chapter will agree with me. Then again, that goes for each chapter but this one will cause the most fire. Luckily for me, it really doesn’t matter to me whether you agree or not. I say what’s on my mind and then you react. I don’t have that “what would she think of me?” blues.

I want to say that I do believe that the end is near. That’s not quite the subject of this chapter though. Now the natural disasters that have been going around could be the result of Global Warming. And it could be God letting us know time is almost up.

I want to talk about the last line of the skit: “God could be speaking! It might be the end soon. You better get right with God before it’s too late.”

When we talk about witnessing, what do we use as motivation? When we tell people about God, is it more focus on what will happen if you don’t accept Him, or is it more of a focus on God Himself?

I say that it’s not a very good idea to use fear as motivation to accept Jesus. Jesus wants us to accept Him for who He is and what He’s done for us at the cross. We should only use that as our main inspiration when spreading the gospel.

I’ve got to keep my emotions in check here because whenever I hear this little debate I get angry. You wouldn’t like when I’m angry. Oh wait…that’s the Hulk. Ok no I’d be upset. Whenever some big storm hits, here they come “See? Time’s almost up! Get right with God before it’s too late!” Oh really?

And then, for some, this is the only time they want to talk about God and stuff. How dare you?

It’s almost like you’re saying, “Well the end of the world is here but I’m going to heaven. I’ll be fine. Good luck to you though!” I can’t stand seeing and hearing that. At all.

That’s not right. God doesn’t want us to take Jesus because it’s not hell. God wants us to come because He’s God.

How would you feel if…

Hazel: I’m glad you decided to come to the concert with me.

Lucille: Oh, well it was better than staying home alone.

See that? She wasn’t hanging with her friend because she liked her friend. She was hanging out because it was better than being home by herself.

And, to me, it’s the same with God. He wants us to want Him because of who He is: Loving, merciful, strong, a provider, and healer. He’s everything! He doesn’t want to be plan “B”. So, our focus when we witness should be on God.

And this could potentially cause problems in the relationship with God. If you’re only in it to escape Hell, are you really going to be a productive Christian? Are you? Being a Christian isn’t a religion; it’s a relationship. There are things that are expected of us when we accept Jesus. But, if we’re only accepting Jesus to avoid doom, does it really matter? I say no, it doesn’t.

Oh here we go. If we keep on with this whole “the world’s ending! Get right” how long before it’s boy who cried wolf? How many years has the world been about to end? Hm?

Please let me know because I wasn’t even alive when this started. And so, when we cry wolf, eventually people just stop listening. I probably would too. Hearing the same thing and nothing happening. That’s another reason why we should adjust our witnessing strategies. Let’s stick with something we know is real. We know about Jesus dying on the cross. We know God loves us all. We don’t know about the world ending. I’ll talk about that later.

On the flip side, like I said before, the world is coming to an end. Whether it’s the weather or the violence going on, Biblical prophesies are coming true before our very eyes. I have reason to believe that this is our own doing, but that’s not where I want to head. Indeed, times are coming to a close so it would benefit people to hurry up and make a choice.

And I’m not against that so much. It is ok to warn others that time is almost up. I just think that the attention should be on God more than anything else. That’s all.

Another thing: The Mayans are wrong, ok? And the people that say they know when the world is ending, they are wrong too. You want to know why they don’t know? The Bible itself says that the Son doesn’t even know the exact moment when God pulls the plug.

Now this may not seem like anything until you realize who the Son is. The Son is A.K.A Jesus, the Son of God. Ok, that may not mean much even still, “family has their secrets too.” If you don’t know about the Holy Trinity, then prepare to have your mind blown, baby. This trinity is not to be confused with the 3 nipples I have on my chest (my dad too. Seriously). No, the Holy Trinity is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit. This will always blow my mind but they are the same person. Yup, you read that right. It would be wrong to say that they are in 3 different bodies though.

Even when Jesus was baptized, God and the Holy Spirit were there. And yet they were the same person. It’s ok if you can’t grasp it. That thing is deep. God is just so awesome like that. Amazing.

So back to the “Son doesn’t even know when the world will end”. Jesus is the Son of God and He’s also God. The best thing I can say is that not even God knows when it’s happening. But remember, God knows everything. Is your head spinning yet? I think I need a pain reliever. So, if Jesus, who is God, doesn’t know when it’s all ending, what makes you think some random guy on the street will know? Give me a break.

This is a very basic description of the trinity. But, I have only scratched the surface. Do your research; don’t just take what I just told you. Also, many people have their own opinions of how the trinity works. I have expressed my own here. You have to think for yourself after reading different debates about this subject or any subject. Of course, with God, many things will never make sense in this physical world we live in and we just do our best to understand. My understanding is that when we die, the trinity will make sense as we will be in our spiritual minds at that point. Or something like that.

So there you have it. Read your Bible.