Monday Motivation: Keep Shining

Matthew 5:16 essentially tells us to let our light shine. This is a Bible Verse I constantly share with my lighting crew. In fact, I end emails with this phrase: Keep Shining. It’s a reminder if that verse.

So, as I once challenged you to follow our pledge, I now encourage you to follow Matthew 5:16.

Keep shining.

The world is dark. It’s filled with evil things. Obviously, my blog aims to fight such things. But, as a lighting designer, I have an appreciation of light on many scales. Not only do we light, but, as Christians, we are a light.

Instead of letting the wind of the world kill your fire, you must do whatever it takes to keep it alive. You must keep shining because the world needs light. Are you going to be that light? Are you going to lead people from the pits of despair with your optimism?

Keep shining.

Let me announce that, just as I end my emails to my crew, I shall end my posts with the “catchphrase”. A reminder to us all to keep shining.

With that said,

Keep shining,

Dante Writes


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