My book, Interpretations and Illustrations is a combination of two formerly published books Spiritual Interpretations and Spiritual Illustrations. I say this because in Spiritual Interpretations, there’s a chapter called Keep Praying. However, in the combination book, this chapter is absorbed into the chapter “Jesus Swag”.

So, Keep Praying is the lost chapter of my book. But, I still have it in its original glory. Are ya ready?

Here we go:

You tired of violence? Do something about it. Tired of all the crime? Do something about it. But do what? Pray. But remember to do your part. Do what you can and when you can’t do anymore, pray. When you feel like you have prayed all you can, pray again. One prayer isn’t going to fix it. Here is an example of the power of prayer. I would like to thank my mommy for this. She doesn’t realize it but she helped me. This is the example she used: (with some editing to put in the Dante touch)

You have an axe. You need a Christmas tree. You’re looking for that perfect tree. Ah! There she is. (Why we call inanimate objects and asexual beings a “she”; I’ll never know). Anyway, it’s time to chop her down. Wack! You swing your axe into the tree once. So, are you done? No, of course not. One little chop isn’t going to knock the tree down. You have to keep chopping at it and weaken the tree’s trunk until it falls.

It’s the same with prayer. When we pray, we have to keep praying. Keep chopping away at the problem we are praying for. If you keep working on that metaphorical tree, you will eventually knock it down. It may happen overnight. It may take years before the tree is finally knocked down. But it takes time. You have to be willing to keep up your efforts. Remember to ask in Jesus’ name.