The best of Monday Motivation

I should tell you all (though you may have already noticed) that I’ve been spending my blogging energy on my lighting blog DLN Stage Lighting. It’s a blog about lighting, but it is also home to my lighting crew from my church.

Anyway, I have returned to DALANEL. This week, I’ll be looking at past posts of my weekly features. This is mainly because I am still working on the lighting blog and also because I’m struggling to find content.

So, what are some of my favorite motivations?

Remember one of my first ones? Tell a Joke. I tried to encourage people to be funny that day.

I liked the one where I ended up motivating people to motivate others.

Let’s remember to do our research before we accept or reject information as fact.

This one was of passion and fire. Fight back. The world is trying to take you out, but be strong.

Which Monday Motivation spoke to you the most?

-Dante Writes

Now I want to hear from you

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