Oh Lord, now Dante done got caught up in this debate.

I get it, having a grand following looks good. It can mean that people are influenced by the content someone is producing. For celebrities, they could never tweet and end up with millions of followers though so a large following doesn’t always translate to quality content.

I’ve established my crew on social media and named Kehinde (Ken-day) as Social Media Manager. For me, this type of person needs to have a level of passion for the product/brand/business they are representing. Or at least, a passion for people.

However, she and I have this battle going on in the quality vs quantity department. She uses a lot of “follow back” hashtags. For her, that’s all that matters. Get followers, no matter the cost. For me, I want my content to lure people in.

Her road will lead to more followers, but the question will always be there: Do they care about what you have to say? Do you really want to bribe people…often?

For me, I let my content do the talking. Back when I did the Daily Good Stuff posts, I got new followers weekly. For many months in a row, my monthly views set new records. And it was all because I was producing quality content. Lord knows I didn’t attack my followers with links of the stuff.

People came. They saw. They liked. They followed. And that’s what I really like about that. People are following you because of you. Your voice. Your values. Not because you promised to follow back.

Looking at Kehinde, I could technically lay down the law of acquiring followers. I could say “stop with the follow back crap”. But, this is an opinionated situation. I can’t tell her one thing is right or wrong.

At the same time, with the promise of following people back, what happens when someone follows you and then you go to follow them back and you see they have some graphic posts? As a ministry, we can’t be playing around with that. For your personal profile, that’s cool. But, we’re a “business”. We represent our church. Heck, we represent God.

I’m getting a little off track.

100 followers that care about what you have to offer or 1,000 people who are following because of a promise for a follow or perhaps a bribe. That’s really what it comes down to.

Part of my reasoning is that I look at it from a spiritual perspective.

Jesus wants followers. However, He wants us to come to Him. Why? Because He died for you. That’s his “tweet” and that’s all He really needs. But there are other benefits to going along with Jesus.

Watch out.

People may follow Jesus because they are more interested in the spiritual benefits of being a Christian than they are for Jesus Himself. Uh…no. That’s no good.

I mean, this doesn’t mean you’re a bad Christian. But, what kind of Christian will you be? Are you a quality Christian? Or are you here for the ride?

That’s where I come from with this debate. I would rather 100 people behind me with all their might, then 1,000 people that I’m not sure of.

Your content.

People may follow you. But, I see a lot of times that people with many followers barely have any content, and the content there is…eh…not high quality.

I want to impact people with my content. That’s the ultimate focus. I want to transform on some level. What I see are people with many followers who are not doing much to improve the lives of their followers.

If you take the role of a shepherd, and the followers are your sheep, you enter a mindset of “I have to look out for these people.” A shepherd has the sheep’s well being at heart. If it’s only one sheep, it’s one sheep. For me, I will love that one sheep, or a million sheep.

Don’t get caught up in getting people to follow you. Focus on what you have. Take care of what you have. People will talk. From what I understand, word of mouth has always been a top, if not, the top marketing route. The 100 people share your content to their circles. Those people like it and continue to share it. Other like it and share it. You get followers.

It takes time, and I think that’s part of the problem. We’re not patient anymore. We want things now. But, like with a good relationship, time makes things better. Work on it. I love my following because I know that they followed me for me. Maybe I’m a Sixers fan. It might be because I’m a Christian. They like what I’ve done with my blogging. All I know is that I have very rarely done some sort of following program where I sell something for a certain amount of followers or I promise a follow or whatever.

Flip it.

I’m not saying getting followers is bad. I can’t see how it would be bad.

The more followers you have, the more of an impact you could make. But, again, if people aren’t following you for the content of the posts, then…it’s like talking to a room full of mannequins. The figures are there, but, does it matter?

Looking at this from a ALF Lighting Crew perspective, we are selling a product. We want to make sure that our posts don’t fall on deaf ears. We want to change lives through our brand.

Dealing with Kehinde, we’ve barely been posting on our Instagram account, yet she is fighting for followers. As I’ve said, we need quality content. Let’s set up a posting schedule and strategy before we reach out. From her perspective, the more followers, the higher your status. In some cases, that’s true. But, we need to be a content based account. We need to make sure we’re focusing on what our craft is. Let’s worry about the followers later (preferably never)

She was noticeably upset that the account apparently lost followers. Followers come and go. The only thing we can control is the content. That’s yet another reason why we should focus on the content above all else.

I guess I should wrap this up. I’m over 1,000 words and I don’t usually go that far. The focus on followers should never surpass the focus on content. Don’t worry about the quantity of the followers more than the type of stuff you are giving to these followers.I think that sums it up nicely.

I would tell you to follow me on my various social media sites, but I’m gonna chill. I won’t share any links.

*cough look at the bottom of the site cough*

-Dante Writes