I have taken down the original “Breaking Down the Book” series from my YouTube account. This video series was about my book, Interpretations and Illustrations.

I’m doing the series all over again.

This is part of a push to have each of my chapters published here on the blog. As I post the video, I will also post the chapter from the book on here. For some reason, I don’t remember how many chapters are in the book and I’m incredibly lazy to look it up. Mercy. I think 16 chapters though to 16 episodes, plus intro and conclusion.

Part of the reason I’m doing tis is because in the original series, I made reference to the two separate books that my current book is a combination of. The content of the chapters has changed to a point that I wanted to give an update.

When this launched remains to be seen. Goal is December or January. I published the book in January 2012, so perhaps do the series as part of an anniversary celebration thing. The intro video might be up weeks before though.