Good News Friday…Fearless Friday?

I’ve been debating this, among other things, for the blog. You can blame this on my obsession with the double initials for my weekly posts as you can see from Monday Motivation, Tuesday Testimony, Wednesday Word, and Thursday Thoughts.

Fearless Friday.

So, what is it? It’s the same as Good News Friday, except I focus on one particular type of “good news”: Heroes. After cracking open the thesaurus, I found a word that I liked. Fearless. That’s a word we tend to associate with heroes.

So, I’ll be mainly looking at the person(s) that have stepped up to save the day. Physical…financial…emotional…and more.

I went this type of story because I guess that’s the one that spoke to me the most.

Is this the end of Good News Friday? I have my doubts actually. I’m gonna give Fearless Friday a run and see what happens. It’ll be the same format at Good News Friday.

-Dante Writes


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