You should write it down. Thoughts. Feelings. Reminders. Write. And when I say “write” I mean with real words.


Please, let’s avoid the “text language” of “u” meaning all three versions and “2” for all three versions. Can we use proper grammar for a change? Or did you forget?

Think it’s easy to flip back and forth between structured and non-structured writing? Maybe you can. But, as a society, it seems to be more struggle on writing.

I still use pencils and pens with paper. What’s that? I like the sensation of it all.

Anyway, write stuff down. Alright, I don’t really care how you write it; it needs to feel natural. Just write down things. If thoughts get jumbled, write it out. By writing it down, you actually force your mind to structure the thought enough to form words and that can actually help your overall thinking process.

Whenever I’m working on lighting designs, I write all scenarios down that come to mind. It’s very helpful. I have one of those little notepads that I keep in my pocket. I scribble in it from time to time.

I think writing can help you feel better. This is my opinion. Try it out.

-Dante Writes