Pray for your nation

Dear Jesus,

I can’t tell you how much venom brews within me when I hear about theft, murder, rape, and more. I know you’re hurting too.

I know that you are in control; and that you will not give up on this world. But, for crying out loud, it pisses me off that these stories get all of the love and things that I try to talk about tend to take a back seat.

I offer this prayer to you on behalf of my nation, the United States of America. I already know that you can’t force your will on anybody. I mean…you could, but you won’t. You’re a free will God. So, I ask that, somehow, the hearts of the USA are touched and transformed. I pray that the monsters of this world are met with your swift justice. I pray, perhaps most importantly, that you protect the innocent. Protect your disciples.

Let me know what I can do to make this world better. I know this blog does some things. If this is the primary method I should use, tell me how I can enhance it. It’s one thing to complain but sit around doing nothing. It’s something else to use the frustration as motivation. Help me do this.

Times will be better, this I know, Lord. My only fear is that it’s only when you come back. I know the word; things are supposed to be going south like this. I’m aware. But I still have to pray. Keep praying. That’s the lesson you gave to me to write in my book. I have to stand by that.

I thank you for all you do, and will do.


Dante Writes


One thought on “Pray for your nation

  1. AMEN! Yes, I often question what’s the point of praying that things get better when they are not supposed to anyway. Things will get worse before the Lord returns so I guess the best thing we can do is to pray on how to handle it all.

    It all makes me very sad too =(

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