I tend not to come out in the open to get shot. But, this is one of those posts where I’ll get some heat.

When it comes to Jesus, I have to make a stand. I must stand on this thought: Santa must be destroyed.

Santa is a joke and a sham. I do not care for his existence. I am not pleased with what he represents. Here’s a guy that goes directly against Jesus. Oh, I know he isn’t real. I’m aware.

Look, let’s ignore the fact that his name rearranged is “Satan” for a moment. I’m going to be the bad guy here because he gives gifts to all the good people in the world. I find that interesting that we’re fine with some random dude breaking into our hou-

Nah, I’m not gonna get into that.

Santa goes up against Jesus. If something is not of or for God, it is against Him. Anything that is against God is evil. That’s it.

But why?

Santa sort of represents a problem people have with salvation. Our works alone can’t get us into heaven. The misconception of some is that “if I do enough good deeds, perhaps God will let me in”. This is simply not true. Only through Jesus do we get into heaven for our ultimate gift.

With Santa, our good works indeed get us the gifts we want. In a sense, we’ve earned them. I mean, Santa is the ultimate judge of that, but, if we’ve done good (or more good than bad) we get the gift.

The Devil isn’t stupid. He attacks kids. He loves kids because in those years, the things we are exposed to tend to stick with us. We get a sense of right and wrong early. A lot of what parents put into the kids make a long lasting impact.

When I was little, I believed in Santa. But, there was one thing that always bothered me: We didn’t have a chimney. How in the heck did Santa get in the house? Dad tried this story of leaving a key under the mat and he came through the front door. Didn’t work for Dante. When I turned 6, Jesus entered our family and that was the end of that. Then it became that the gifts were from our parents and we thanked Jesus for being a provider for such lovely gifts.

As time went on, and I studied Santa, I realized that he, along with other ideals of Christmas, serve to distract from the true meaning of the holiday. Gifts? God sent us the ultimate gift of Jesus. His only Son. To save us from death.

So, it boils my blood that Santa prances around taking up so much of the holiday.

He must be destroyed.

See, my logic may sound insane simply because he isn’t real. That’s why this will be dismissed as innocent. “Oh, he’ll grow out of it”. True. However, even then, Jesus doesn’t enter the picture. Now, Christmas is a time for families to come together and hang out and get liquored up on eggnog. This is fine; but we still don’t turn to Jesus at this point, which is a problem.

Back to Santa. Dirty old man.

Interesting that he’s got the whole old man with a beard and mustache like how we picture God looking like. Hm. Hm, hm, hm. Hey, I didn’t make this up; I’m just putting the pieces together.

Is Santa God? Of course not.

However, somewhere along the line, we decided that God and Santa look the same. It was a subtle change and something that may have been subconscious. Here we are today with this simple fact. I can’t get over this whole thing. Look at this chart:

santa vs god

Sort of pissing me off just writing about this. Santa must be destroyed. He must meet his end. Enter oblivion.

I got in trouble for telling kids that Santa wasn’t real while I was working at a summer camp one year. Let me explain. First of all: I don’t give a F. Second, this camp was a freaking Christian camp! Are we supposed to allow the lie to spread? If Christians are supporting Santa, I guess we’re all screwed. Third, the child presented Santa to me. It’s not like I came out of nowhere and said “Santa ain’t real, y’all! Mom lied to you, baby!” My opinion about him or something was requested and I delivered. End of story. No regrets. I’d do it again. I’m not here to spread lies. I have to answer to God. I sleep at night knowing that if things don’t work out for that person dealing with the truth, at least I tried.

I get what the guy represents. Cute little innocent part of the holiday theme thing. But, we’re talking about life or death. It’s bigger than this. The enemy wants us to think it’s no big deal, if it’s no big deal, we never bother with the truth. If there’s no problem, why look for a solution?

I know I’m not the first person to give this argument and I hope I’m not the last. In the years past, I’ve let Santa slide. But, I think it’s time I shut him out of my life for good. And I love red!

I guess that’s all I got to say about him. He’s my enemy and I will not rest until he’s destroyed.

Dante Writes