Top Lighting Moments of 2014

Dante Light

This was an interesting year for me in my lighting “career”. It started off terribly with the Good Friday play. But, since then, it’s been a great run as I and the ALF Lighting Crew have made a powerful presence. So, I share with you my top ten lighting moments of 2014.

7. Creating the lighting handbook

One of the things I started working on this past summer was a handbook. A guide for my lighting crew. I did a lot of research to make this a realistic, accurate, book. I’m very proud of this project, and it;s just getting started.

6. Being able to improve our lighting selection

In the past, the lighting we’ve used was…old school. No LED for one thing. I’ve spent time making a push to look for other, better lighting fixtures. And in our two lighting appearances this year, we’ve turned heads with this spectacular…

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