Monday Motivation: Get Stubborn

Sometimes, when we go through life, we need a level of stubbornness to help us get through.

We need a line in us that we just won’t cross. We need to be stubborn in our determination. We fight and fight and we don’t quit. Don’t quit.

I remember I was working on the Good Friday play for my church and my lighting crew was going down in flames. I wanted to quit. I was stressed. I was angry. Tired. Yet, I couldn’t give up, mainly because I was too stubborn to actually throw in the towel. I kept pushing because, for me, once I give my word and commitment, I see it through, no matter what.

So, that’s part of what I mean. See some things through. You make new year’s resolutions? Get stubborn about them. Keep them and never let go.

Dante Writes


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