Tuesday Testimony: Passed the Exams

I am here to testify to all of you here that I have PASSED my A level exams through the grace of great Lord Jesus when I thought I would fail. I had messed up in some parts of the paper and could not answer many of the questions … I was mortified and immediately prayed to Lord Jesus to save me and give me hope and prepare me for the best. When results day came and results were reveale, I PASSED all my subjects. I now qualify for some post graduate courses and I know the Lord is always watching and guiding my path. The Lord has destined for me to pass my exams and here I testify to you all the power of merciful Lord Jesus. Praise be to God forevermore and without him I would have strayed from the road to success . God is REAL and he will never leave or forsake you … PRAISE TO GOD

From Testimony Share


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