Fearless Friday: Community Hero Day

Well here’s something interesting. A day to celebrate the heroes of your town.

Collin’s Community Hero Day is a free event supporting heroes in New Richmond. This is an opportunity for your children to meet the Police, EMS, Fire & Armed Service workers in your community.

This is a day for the kids and their families to get that up close and personal look at what these folks do. But, there’s another side to this story:

The money raised during the event goes into a fund set up in Collin’s name.That money is then given to financially support public safety personnel in the days that immediately follow a traumatic call.

“Many of us feel an obligation to quickly return to work due to money reasons,” Albee said. “We provide a stipend of cash to go for stuff like buying groceries, paying some bills so the emergency responders can take a few days to recover and be with family. Collin’s fund also donates money to programs such as Project Life Saver and other already established programs that aim at helping us help people.”

We gotta do more of that. Don’t our heroes deserve that?

Read more here.


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