New Feature: The Daily Positive

In keeping with the quick and simple style of posts here at DALANEL, I’m introducing a quick hit to start the day. The Daily Positive is a quick positive boost for you.

The initial run is a Bible Verse, Quote, and Good News article.

Now, you might be thinking “What about Thursday Thoughts (quotes) and Fearless Friday (good news)?” The answer to that is simple. The quotes for Thursday Thoughts are more to get you to think whereas The Daily Positive has quotes that are meant to inspire and motivate. As for the Good News, I’ll be sharing positive news that are not hero themed as Fearless Friday takes care of that.

The Good News is the cornerstone of this feature. It’s possible that I’ll add another element besides quotes and scripture, but, ultimately, this is not supposed to take more than 10 minutes to get through. None of the weekly features are meant to take more than 10 minutes to get through.

Daily Good News and Daily Word are sort of resurrected at the same time with this post. Guess what? I plan to make this a weekend post as well! Saturday and Sunday are just as daily as any other day.


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