January, 31st, 2012 was big. That was the day my book was first published. It was called Spiritual Interpretations. Since then, I wrote Spiritual Illustrations in April of that same year. By December 27th, 2012, I combined the two books into one: Interpretations and Illustrations.

But yeah, Interpretations was where it all started. I have a page here “My Book” that is a central hub for the book. I have discounts. I have a video series. I’ve posted quite a bit of work here on DALANEL.

I’d be lying if I said I don’t care if you buy the book or not. I want you to.

I wrote a book for the thrill. The heck of it. It’s not something I see myself doing anymore. It was something to add to the writing resume along with freelancing, blogging, and more.

What people don’t fully understand is that most of the content of the book was originated as blog posts here on DALANEL. Yup, stuff was posted here before entering a book form. I made some modifications and such. A lot of it was early work of course. The blog launched in 2011 with the book coming a year later. I didn’t have a ton of content up between that time either.

Check out the page. Buy the darn thing and help support this fantastic blog.


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