The Daily Positive: Sick Boy Sends Friend on Vacation

Welcome to The Daily Positive. This post is meant to provide a quick, positive boost to your day. Good News is the center of this post, and it will have other items like quotes, scripture, and other stuff I decide on.

Let’s start with a quote:


For the good news

Let me set it up. So, Six year old Levi was sick enough that he qualified for a request to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He used it on his best friend, Emma. She was by his side during his illness and he wanted…well, look…

To show his gratitude, Levi wished for Emma to take a special trip to Florida, “to visit the theme parks and see the ocean.” For the little Indiana girl who’d never been on a plane, the surprise vacation was truly the trip of a lifetime.

When Emma and her family went to Florida, they brought along a “Flat Levi” figure, which they included on all of their adventures. At their welcome home party, they gave Levi a scrapbook of photos from “Emma and Levi’s trip.”

Sometimes, when I’m doing research for stories, I run into stuff like this. These stories…ahem…get me a little…uh…emotional. You gotta hit the link and look at some of the photos.


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