The Daily Positive: Man Survives Getting Ran Over By Farming Equipment

good every day


This piece of news is somewhat gruesome and painful, but it’s worth a read! Our friend, Vander, was doing his usual farm work when:

After tripping over a corn stalk hidden beneath the snow, Vander Zwaag fell backward into a running power take-off, or PTO. The device, which sends power from a tractor into an attached piece of farming equipment, took hold of the farmer’s clothing and pulled him through the mechanism.

The force of spinning gears and rotating parts crushed and bruised much of the left side of Vander Zwaag’s body, before finally spitting him out onto a loosely-packed bed of snow. Having worn multiple layers of clothing in preparation for working in the cold, Vander Zwaag said his apparel wrapped around the PTO’s gears, finally stopping the machine from doing further damage.

Christ. Turns out he was on the ground nude. He couldn’t call for help if only because his cell phone was all messed up. His only chance was to get to his tractor. Here’s the damage:

Dealing with a concussion, a total of eight fractured ribs and vertebrae, a displaced hip, a broken femur, a ruptured spleen and a completely crushed left ankle, he reached out for the step he needed to climb to mount his tractor. Despite a nearly 2-foot gap from the ground, he eventually found himself at the tractor’s helm.

With all of that, he managed to find help. In the end, he seems to be pretty normal.

While he picked up the habit of using his right foot to operate the clutch, nearly everything else has returned to normal. With the help of his family, his faith and his community, Timothy Vander Zwaag only has one word to describe the last year’s series of events: a miracle.

The whole story is quite a read. I swear I didn’t do this on purpose but the quote at the top really goes with this story. Ha!


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