I do not belong to any ministry or run any prayer tower, I am a working woman born and brought up in Christian Family.

(1) Last Year 2014 had been very blessed for us as we could purchase a new house it is a blessing from GOD as our monthly income is enough to run the months expenses so we cannot effort to buy a house, but by GOD’s GRACE we are able to purchase our own house and since last year we have been staying peacefully and blessed always in this home.

(2) The Company’s Management where I work presently had forcefully asked to resigned the permanent staff. I was totally prepared to accept the resign as I knew my boss for whom I as EA had resigned two months back and had left the company so I was EA without the boss.

But see the people who were senior to me and had been spending many years more than 28 years in this company had asked to resign from the job and I was asked/chosen to fill their vacancy. It was a great surprise for me as I have completed only 4 years in this company and that too I am very new to all this work.

Presently I am serving two bosses (1st half and 2nd half).

Now again I am ready to accept the decision/plan of Jesus in my life.

Please pray for me that I may grow spiritually in life along with my whole family.


Testimony from 2 Praise God