The Daily Positive: Metro-North crash passenger helps in aftermath


After the deadly devastating crash with the Metro-North train, there was plenty of commotion and panic. One man shares his role and observations:

“People started to panic and were starting to run back toward the back of the second car,” Wallace said. “There was a tremendous amount of billowing smoke coming through at that point, we could see people moving, shapes moving around in the smoke, so we wanted very much to get in there to help people.”

Wallace, 44, a former Volunteer Ambulance Corps member, searched for a way off the disabled train, while calming fellow passengers.

James Wallace. Here’s a little something he did:

“I wanted to help people if they were injured, so I went up to the cemetery and found a couple of people there,” he said. “A broken leg and a woman with broken ribs and we were able to hang on until EMS arrived.”

Good job, James.


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