The Daily Positive: Dog Protects Woman from Armed Gang


You may have noticed that I rarely talk about animals in all of my good news stories. That’s on purpose.

This story was too good to pass up.

What I read was about a dog who pretty much could sense an impending danger, but his owners were like “he’s barking for no reason; lock him up”. They were in their bedroom when Rocky, the name of the dog, started barking out of control. They put him out.

Then, a gang of thugs came in talking about “where’s the money”? and Kasha and her partner Aryan are all like “What are you talking about?” and I’m thinking “Somebody’s got a secret to tell!”

Anyway, one of the bad guys pulls a knife and holds it to Kasha’s neck. Now, Kasha’s 5 months pregnant. And she mentions this hoping there’s some humanity in these thugs. There was four of them. The other three were beating up Mr. Aryan.

Things were looking bleak until Rocky comes in and scares the thugs off. By the way, Rocky is a Rottweiler. So yeah, he can take you out. Anyway, the thugs ran off and Rocky was all like “Oh no you don’t!” and runs after them. Aryan licks his wounds and follows as well.

From the perspective of Kasha, she finally comes outside to see Aryan and Rocky standing in front of one of the thugs, with Rocky all like “Give me a reason, bro!”

Read what happened to that guy here. Great job, Rocky. I was gonna save this for Fearless Friday next week, but I had to push this out.


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