The Daily Positive: Man finds stranger who stopped him from committing suicide years ago

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This is an update on a story I wrote about before. A man, Mark Henick, was about to jump off a bridge when a kind stranger stopped it from happening.

Read that because I’m picking up where it left off.

After a social media hunt, Mark has finally made contact with his hero.

Last week, after launching a social media campaign to find the man, Henick received an email from Mike Richey, the man he remembered from that night at the overpass — fixated on Henick’s fingers, watching for the moment he feared was coming, when the teen let go and “leaned forward into nothing.”

Here’s the story from Mike’s perspective:

Richey, 25 at the time, was on his way to an overnight shift at his job as a youth care worker when he noticed a figure on the ledge.

“I didn’t have a cellphone at the time, I ran into a convenience store and told the clerk to call the police.”

Then he drove back. The brand new youth worker didn’t have any experience in dealing with crisis or suicide intervention training.

He talked with Henick.

“I just wanted him to know that I was there,” he says. “I wasn’t there to try to fix things for him or anything like that, I wanted him to know that no matter what, I’m not going anywhere. I’m right behind you.”

It’s great. The rest of this story is quite a read. I’ll leave you with this:

Richey, now 37, lives in Halifax, and works at a non-profit residential facility for at-risk youth. Admittedly shy, he says kind messages from people who have heard the story have been overwhelming and unexpected.

“It was something that just needed to be done,” he says. “He’s come so far, he looks great, healthy and happy. It’s the complete polar opposite of the face I saw that night on the bridge . . . he’s doing great things.”



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