The Daily Positive: Man donates kidney to complete stranger


Well, a man decided to donate his kidney. Nobody came up to him. He just wanted to do it.

It’s the ultimate act of kindness: to donate one of your kidneys to a complete stranger. But Grzegorz Maniecki from Bradley Stoke, decided to do just that because he believes everyone deserves a second chance. The 28-year-old is one of only 15 Bristolians to ever donate a kidney to a stranger. He joined the elite group of around 100 people who performed the kind act last year.

There’s always risks. The surgery was so hard on Grzegorz (I have yet to say his name out loud though I think it’s more simple than the letters would indicate) that he actually fainted and had to come back to the hospital.

He said: “My friends and family and all of the doctors told me there were risks and it could impact on my heath in the future. But anyway I’ve decided to do it, as I knew that someone’s life could depend on it. I wasn’t scared, I had lots of tests, I was surprised how quickly they were able to find a match. I had open surgery, it was pretty bad. It would be nice to know who has my kidney but that is up to them.”

Yes, he’ll never know who he donated the kidney to unless that person reaches out.


2 thoughts on “The Daily Positive: Man donates kidney to complete stranger

    • This might be the best comment ever. So glad I was able to find your story and share it. We need to put more attention to the good guys in this world and that’s what the Daily Positive is all about.


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