The Daily Positive: Teen Invents Dialysis Machine

A 17-year-old high school student, Anya Pogharian, developed a high school science project which “could end up changing the way dialysis care is delivered,” according to a CBC report.
Teens can do so much when given the chance. It cost only $500 for her to make and is geared for a at-home treatment.

Pogharian, who spent 300 hours on her new invention, chose to work on the medical contraption after finding inspiration in volunteer work at a hospital’s dialysis unit. While the young inventor has been offered a summer internship by Héma-Québec to test out her new invention with real blood, she’s also earned what CBC referred to as a “slew” of awards and scholarships. Louis Thibault, director of applied research at Héma-Québec, said that the entire “population will benefit” from her invention due to the reduced cost of medical care to those requiring dialysis.

Good stuff. Let’s hope it works out.


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