I’ve been very busy and I had to put DALANEL off tot he side as you may have noticed. The ALF Lighting Crew is working on a huge project and I’m putting all of my energy towards that.

However, this Saturday is the blog’s birthday so I have a couple of posts lined up for that. But, no weekly and daily stuff until Monday when the dust settles.

You can always follow my lighting crew on Twitter and Instagram. Uh, and like us on Facebook too although my social media manager isn’t very invested in it. We’re working on big things and this Sunday is the launch of us doing lighting for our church services full time. I’ve been busy working on the equipment and picking lighting designs for parts of the service and programming and all of that stuff.

Of course, this will now be a weekly job for me vs just working on special projects every so often so I’m curious on how I’ll handle this new lighting era.

My crew is very excited to get this party started. Follow us. Not only do we light, but, we are a light.

-Dante Writes